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When Fiction Dictates Reality

In one week there were two separate instances of New York teachers getting fired for refusing to do a hand gesture from the 2018 Marvel movie Black Panther. Both cases were reported within days of each other in late February. This almost seems like a satire article published by such sites as Babylon Bee, but I assure you they are real. What has the state of America come to when superhero movies determine if employees should be fired or not?

BY MARCUS OUJLA, March 31, 2021

This can't be real. Two tales from the Bronx with similar outcomes. Karen Ames from the department of education and Rafaela Espinal, a longtime teacher both had their careers flipped upside down as forced equality training becomes mandatory. Both cases involved Chancellor Richard Carranza's equity agenda, in the hopes that it would bring awareness about minority groups ended up causing division for the differences of age, gender, and race amongst the participants.

Two articles caught my attention regarding this story. One from The New York Post and the other from The Washington Examiner.

Case Number One.

The first case involves Karen Ames, from the Bronx who worked in the Department of Education for 30 years. Ames claimed Chancellor Richard Carranza demoted her after refusing to do the "Wakanda Forever Solute" (from Marvel's Black Panther film representing an arm gesture of black power) during superintendent's meetings.

During a training session, Ames was also scolded by co-workers when asked about her ethnic background. Ames shared her grandparent's experience of the Holocaust in Poland and the loss of two of their children. Colleagues said, "You better check yourself" and continued to discourage her.

“That is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only"
- court papers quote Amon as scolding.

With backlash coming from all sides, Ames was given a choice to take a demotion or be removed from payroll in 24 hours. Her decision was to take the demotion. She was reassigned but given no work for five months. Eventually, Ames decided to take another job in a completely different state. Ames filed a $150 million lawsuit for her claims and mistreatment.

But Wait, There's More.

It just so happens the same Chancellor Richard Carranza along with the Department of Education and their equity agenda is the cause of Rafaela Espinal's firing. She mentioned that she was told her unwillingness to participate in doing the Marvel's movie arm gesture not appropriate. Espinal's lawyers mentioned that the client felt the arm gesture "introduced a racial divide where there should be none."

Espinal is a Dominican American who identifies as Afro-Latina. The Department of Education told Espinal she "wasn't black enough" as well as "just learn to be quiet and look pretty." After Espinal was removed from the department without a proper explanation, all that she was told was the department was moving

in a new direction" and she "did not fit into that agenda.

A DOE spokeswoman said the department is “committed to fostering a safe, inclusive work environment and strongly disputes any claims of discrimination or improper treatment,” As per Washington Examiner.

Espinal filed a $40 million lawsuit.

Wakanda Forever

Wakanda is a fictional country located in Africa that appears in Marvel Comics and the 2018 movie Black Panther. The movie became a nationwide sensation and was popularized all over media and our culture under the presumption that the lead role was the first African American superhero. The critics of Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 98% positive rating as it became the highest-rated superhero movie ever as it entered its opening weekend. It was hailed all around with people all over giving the "Wakanda Forever Solute" which consists of making a fist with your hands and crossing your arms.

With other African American superheroes already depicted in films, you wonder why this movie had so much attention drawn to it. Here is a list of some of the movies/characters

-Blade (1998)

-Spawn (1997)

-Storm in X-Men (2000-1014)

-Hancock (2008)

-Luke Cage (2016)


Wakanda appears to be a place of refuge, infrastructure, culture, and tradition completely governed by its own people without outside influence. The symbolic meaning behind it can seem heavenly. In fact, a well-known R&B singer Akon plans to build a real-life version worth $6 billion in the city in Senegal (West Africa).

In America, we are a country made of people from many cultures. Its citizens are encouraged to practice their religion and follow their traditions as long as they choose to do so or it doesn't interfere with the American laws or infringe on other people's rights. That's what makes The great American Experiment so appealing. There are more freedom and rights in this country, unlike any others. The core is made of Christian values and rights given by our creator, implemented by the founding fathers to protect its citizens. We all know the system isn't perfect but compared to any other county, it is the best we have.

Closing Thoughts

We have overcome so many obstacles along the way. Here are some current issues being brought up in the name of tolerance and equality. With this enforcement of putting one race above another because of the crimes of the past, it seems like we are actually taking steps backward. Giving special treatment to those based solely on the colour of their skin is a form of racism. Instead of being inclusive, it is actually making us become exclusive. The utopia the leftists are trying to create based on this "woke" ideology is actually having a very negative effect on others and the people it's trying to serve.

I noticed this in the education system, especially where African American's are advocating for segregation and even students demanding their own areas away from white students.

When people use the word” White” it doesn’t mean anything because they could have many cultural differences from around the world with the only thing connecting them together is the colour of their skin. It felt like we were all moving forward. Especially for millennials growing up, this was never an issue and we seemed to only judge people by their character and internal values someone possesses rather than an external superficial nature.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

We need to be cautious of the road we are taking. If people truly believe the rhetoric that is getting spun, encouraged, and enforced then it will cause more harm to our society than good. I couldn't imagine anyone looking a little innocent child in the face and telling them they are inherently wrong for being born white or male. Where innocent people are guilty without any actions. We have overcome so much but to create a world like this in my lifetime seems unfathomable. Being someone of mixed race with no allegiance to one side or the other, I hope people become more aware of these dangers and the division it is causing among people with different ethnic backgrounds or political beliefs.



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