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The Impeachment that Keeps on Spinning

Comedian and libertarian, Dave Smith, discusses cancel culture as well as the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump on his podcast Part of the Problem. He raises excellent points about the false claims that Trump incited violence during the Capital protest. With former President Trump already out of office, is this trial justified?

Dave Smith on how the Democrats Fear Democracy



This week's video spotlight features comedian and political commentator, Dave Smith of Gas Digital Network. In this video entitled "They Fear Democracy" (published February 13, 2021), Smith gives his take on how the democrats are using fear-based keywords to push their agenda through the political system and to sway the public's perception. You will also hear the topic of cancel culture mentioned as it pertains to recent events that occurred.

"I just don't think a true believer in democracy exists."
- Dave Smith, "They Fear Democracy"

Dave Smith and Robbie "The Fire" Bernstein talk about the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump which took place on February 13, 2021. The manipulative tactics used by the left are clear but not many voices are calling it out. Smith also gives his take on actress Gina Carano and her tweets which ultimately led to her recent termination from Disney.

Part of the Problem is my favorite political podcast and provides a libertarian perspective. I highly recommend this podcast if these topics interest you.

Highlights of the YouTube Comments Section


We must acknowledge YouTube user P m W.

We need to roll back The State.
- P m W


We are also inspired by Ed Carone with his response.

She was referring to the slippery slope argument - that's literally it. They proved their exact point. Look at the stories over the last few months... kids turning their parents in, neighbors turning on neighbors - ALL IN FAVOR OF THE STATE. Exactly the comparison she was making.
- Ed Carone


Let's shine a light on Brian who mentions,

I just donated to the mises caucus. Lets make this party great again!
- Brian

I go extensively into the gift of laughter and the dangers of cancel culture in a previous article including an interview with comedian Chrissie Mayr you can find here.

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