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Rapper Shares 10 Quotes That Elevated His Musical Career

Passing wisdom along to others helps us elevate society as a whole. These pieces of advice have stuck with me my whole life, so I'm giving them to you.

“Silence isn’t only criminal, but suicidal.”

The most beautiful gift to man is the mind and a voice. Translating thoughts through speaking is not an ability afforded to all, but it dwells in all of us.

Whether the words are deemed necessary or unforgettable, they’re still the manifestations of your thinking. Harboring words is self-deprivation. Speaking them can be the most gratifying. Don’t rob yourself of LIFE.

1 - "As far as you can see is yours."

On a dark and clear night in the hills of Oakland, CA, I was overlooking the city.

My spiritual father, friend, and supporter gave my brother and me this advice as we embarked on our musical journey.

Nothing is out of your reach if it’s what you truly want.

2 - “Life will always be a beautiful struggle.”

One of life’s golden lessons!

As much as we want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the path to it is never a walk in the park.

Traveling a beautiful struggle is the very thing in life that shapes one’s being. You’ll never know what you can survive if you don’t go through it yourself.

3 - “Look in the mirror. That’s your biggest competition.”

The greatest challenge in life is manifesting the “best you.”

Many of us get caught in the trap of basing our lives on the things that we see others attain. This is a very toxic way to live! Instead, we need to stop and analyze what’s our own self-value.

4 - “In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity.”

Opportunities are always present even when they appear not to be.

Preparing during the difficult sharpens your readiness for victory.

5 - “Industry rule #4080: record company people are shady!”

It’s one of the most quoted lines in Hip Hop from A Tribe Called Quest’s frontman: Q-Tip.

The music industry is glitz and glamour on the exterior, but behind closed doors, it’s a monster. Ninety percent business and ten percent talent. If you lack the ninety percent, you’ll get chewed up and spit out while the industry seeks to find its next stooge!

6 - “Church ain’t always on Sunday.”

Never think that you can only hear “The Gospel” while assembling in a religious setting on Sunday mornings.

It is always amongst us, no matter the setting nor the dwelling.

7 - “Think rationally and not emotionally.”

Problems hardly get resolved when emotions are at a fervor, and if they do the results are rarely satisfactory.

Thinking it through before speaking usually merits viable solutions and outcomes.

8 - “Just because you’re the King, doesn’t make you the Duke.”

Everyone has a role to play, play yours!

Your expertise doesn’t resonate in all areas.

9 - “Salt and sugar look alike.”

Either can be toxic and yet either can be self-sufficient. Overindulgence in either sugar or salt can be detrimental. Positive and negative. Yin and yang.

Balance is the answer. One is always dependent on the other.

10 - “Doesn’t matter if you’re the lion or the gazelle, when the sun rises, you’d better be running!”

Never think that the predator isn’t being preyed upon.

For every lion that’s chasing a gazelle, there’s a hunter pursuing him/her.



Bootha Vandross is a Hip-Hop artist/producer & a member of the group Loose Cannons. He was raised in Dallas, TX, and the Bay Area (CA), which birthed his love for music and afforded him to stumble upon his passion for writing. Throughout his musical journey, he has been afforded many great opportunities to contribute his work to commercial jingles, TV shows, blogs, & sporting events. Always aiming to keep the listener thinking & on their toes his rhymes are conscious, witty, and inspirationally driven; he carries the same attitude into writing.

He writes blogs when he isn’t crafting music and plans to someday pursue it full-time, but until then he works on curating his brand beVocal. Encouraging generations to express issues of condemnation & disconnected societies through a united voice is his mission, and he feels there’s no better way of doing that than through music... The Universal Language.

Follow Bootha via his Web Site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bootha has been featured in Voyage Dallas.

Bootha Vandross is a guest author for Truly Free Society.

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