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Movie Scores Are Powerful Channels For Plot Development

When you sit through a movie or a show and watch the progression of the characters as they evolve, have you ever noticed just how much the music can move you to actually feel the development of the narrative?


This media spotlight features Barnaby Martin's Youtube video breakdown of how Howard Shore Makes Us Care for Peter Jackson's Film Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?”
-Jane Swan

Please enjoy this thought-provoking YouTube video that explains just how composer Howard Shore utilizes music to evoke the feeling of progression as we are led on a journey that tells of the power of fellowship, and the struggle to triumph when faced with seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

Highlights of the YouTube Comments Section


Let us acknowledge YouTube user Josh Epima who was deeply appreciative of the extensive analysis provided by this video.

This video is a beautiful work of art about a beautiful work of art. Wonderfully done
-Josh Epima


Next, let us take a look at the appreciative words of YouTube user Phantasmagoria regarding the excellence of this YouTube video and how it so perfectly showcases the brilliance of Howard Shore's scores for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I think I now consider this series as the peak of LotR/Tolkien video essays. Nothing else I've found so encapsulates and dignifies categorically the masterful craftsmanship that went into this world, this series, this music, or puts you in such awe of the works of Tolkien and Jackson and Shore.


Lastly, we must acknowledge YouTube user Pol Fruca Esteban, who has illuminated us in perfect from on how music has the power to transform us, to become a part of us.

Sometimes you don't know why you care about the music of some film, the creation of a fantasy that only exists in our imaginations, but after all they become a part of you, because you found something personal that reflects your emotions in that art.
-Pol Fruca Esteban

Closing Thoughts

Music brings our emotions to the surface as we watch a tale unfold before us, and it has the power to tell a story in such a way that words cannot articulate.

Where words fail, music speaks.
-Hans Christian Andersen


Arielle Wolfe-Fritz is a creative writing enthusiast, researches anthropology and folklore. Through her captivating mini-docuseries, collaborations, and multi-media projects, she inspires people across the world to open their minds to the sociological, anthropological, and historical aspects of legends and folklore.

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