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Make Comedy Funny Again

Free speech is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I am also intensely passionate about comedy. As you know if you follow my work, I am driven to humanize comedians and separate them from claims that they are horrible hateful bigots (as some online try to claim). After following comedian Owen Benajmin's work for so long, I have had some epiphanies.


This is part two of a two-part article series about Owen Benjamin.

Read part one here: Culture Can't Cancel Comedian Owen Benjamin

Free speech is the most fundamental of our rights. That being said, I personally believe there should be some limits to this.

Owen Benjamin, a comedian I love, agrees with me. He doesn't believe in complete free speech if it pertains to the harming of innocent children or completely immoral acts (which I also agree with). For someone who always advocates against any form of violence, Owen has been an ongoing target, even by his peers in the political sphere and comedy world.

It's interesting. People have canceled him as a hateful person when he literally speaks out against all forms of violence. There's clearly something wrong here.

What Are Their Fruits?

The Bible says:

"You will know them by their fruits."

- Matthew 7:16

Owen has done more to help others grow than most give him credit for. Read my article from last week entitled, Culture Can't Cancel Comedian Owen Benjamin to hear all about his background.

Here are some highlights of the positivity he brings into the world:

  • Cultivating a loving community

  • Making people laugh

  • Standing up against parents who give their small children hormone blockers (how do we even have to argue about things that are clearly child abuse?)

  • Sharing his faith with his followers

  • Teaching people how to homestead and build a sustainable life

  • Inspiring people to the point of writing books about it

  • Giving people hope and removing despair

Comedy is Much More Important Than Some Might Realize

Comedy is a great passion of mine that goes beyond a source of entertainment. Comedy lifts people out of the darkness and shines a light on uncomfortable truths, giving them less power.

Comedy lifts people out of the darkness and shines a light on uncomfortable truths, giving them less power.

There is a line a comedian walks to push boundaries while being clever enough to walk it back with a punchline that will move a room in a positive way through laughter.

A Light That Seems to Brighten

Witnessing the many stages of Owen's life has been eye-opening. No matter how much censorship came his way, his life seemed to grow even more bountiful and secure as time passed.

Going from a rising comedian surrounded by the temptations of the world to a homesteading Christian, gravitating towards the more simple things in life is quite the contrast. His average type of follower has changed as well, going from lovers of comedy to more family-oriented farmers. This is something special in and of itself.

While I lean more towards the lover of comedy crowd, I am honoured to be along for the ride.

Looking to the Future

One of my goals is to #MAKECOMEDYFUNNYAGAIN by sharing my thoughts and opinions on such artists who have to work against the system of political correctness.

One of my goals is to #MAKECOMEDYFUNNYAGAIN by sharing my thoughts and opinions on such artists who have to work against the system of political correctness.

I go extensively into the gift of laughter and the dangers of cancel culture in a previous article including an interview with comedian Chrissie Mayr you can find here.

If you have ideas for me related to this topic or want to share any news about censorship of comedy, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on our homepage, Thanks!



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