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Leftists Celebrate the Death of Cherished Conservative Icon, Rush Limbaugh

Conservative political commentator and radio host Rush Limbaugh died on February 17, 2021, after battling lung cancer. Limbaugh, who died at age 70, was revered by some and infamous to others. No matter what your take is, he left an imprint on our culture.



Limbaugh was a larger-than-life figure as well as the pioneer of AM radio. His show first aired in 1988 and was heard around the nation. Many political pundits knew him as one of the first conservative voices to speak on right-wing issues when there wasn't one. With millions of listeners for decades, he grew to become a force to be reckoned with while shaping media as we know it. While broadening for hours a day, his listeners had an opportunity to dive deep into the mind and personality of who Limbaugh was.

I don't think looking at things through the prism of fear is going to accomplish anything.

Rush Limbaugh

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Many citizens who opposed Limbaugh's opinions call him the most dangerous man in America. Love him or hate him, he would always speak his mind. Though the man was not perfect he was a voice for his followers and fans. With many hard-leaning conservative views, it's no doubt liberals took issue with this. There was a time when we came together no matter our differences in political opinions. But the times we currently find ourselves in seem more polarizing than most.

Through the current events across the vastness of social media, our voices have reach unlike any time in our history. We can use our voices to share love, speak truth to power, or attack and spew hatred. One common theme we will see with many leftists is taking joy and pleasure in the death of people who don't agree with their ideologies. Especially verified (blue checkmark) public figures with a massive following. The hypocrisy of the big tech companies to allow hate to come from one side of the aisle and not the other is obvious.

Look at the tweets about rush Limbaugh today and understand that people aren’t being hyperbolic when they say the left wants you dead over your political beliefs.

- Cassandra Fairbanks

The Twittersphere Following Rush's Death

Here are just a few examples of some tweets that came out immediately following Limbaugh's death.

(Chris Kluwe - Feb 17,2021)


(Siobhan Thompson Feb 17, 2021)


(David Cross Feb 17, 2021)


(Ron Perlman Feb 17, 2021)

The Left’s reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s death shows you everything. Leftism is a hate movement.
Jack Posobiec

Closing Thoughts

With endless examples of leftists wishing death upon others for their political ideology, you would wonder where this stems from. Death is something I wouldn't wish upon my greatest enemies. My personal belief is this is deeply rooted in atheism. The right tends to lean more in the Christain faith. We are all God's children and life is very fragile and a precious gift.

Limbaugh will be remembered and not forgotten for many years to come for his contribution to helping to shape the media landscape as we know.

(Gavin McInnes Feb 17, 2021)



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