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It's 2021 (Awkward Pause)... What Now?

So, what do we do now? This time in our nation's history is bad. It is very bad. But it is not new. I am specifically speaking to the recent censorship happening on all of our major social media networks across the world.

Governments at every point in time have censored their people. This is nothing new to our human nature, it is just something we haven’t experienced as Americans for a long period of time and have forgotten or choose to ignore the reality and dangers of censorship.

2020 Was Tough on Everyone, That's For Sure.

After a rough year (2020) and a shocking first few days of this new year (2021), the message we need to hear is, “Do not be afraid.” We must not lose all hope. We may be in for a rough ride for weeks, months, decades, but do not let fear overtake you. All that has transpired in our world so far in 2021 (and slowly over the past few decades) has been designed to make people so afraid that they will submit.

There is so much to say on this, but today I’m giving you five steps on how to move forward from here as things are. The truth is, the powers at be are nothing without the control and submission of the masses.

The powers at be are nothing without the control and submission of the masses.

Do not be fooled, you hold much more power than you know. If you believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness here are five things to do next.


If you have not already started your journey to reconcile yourself with your Creator, start now. This is the most important thing you can do with your life in any season on earth.

Seek truth so that you may never doubt again.

Seek truth so that you have something to live for.

Seek truth so that you have something to die for.

If you are willing to die for what you believe in, no person will ever take away your freedom.

Get right with God so you never fear ever again. If you are already a believer, call upon God to help you. Pray for our nation. Time in solitude with your creator will awaken a desire in you only God can ignite, and it will change the world.


This is for peace of mind in a practical world. Be realistic about what may happen where you are and come up with a plan to react if needed. This may mean settling any debts, preparing a “go bag," or just finishing up any tasks you may have left on the table for a later date.

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This is going to look drastically different for everyone so I can’t give any real specifics, but just evaluate your situation and make a plan. Having a plan relieves you from any anxieties you might be holding on to because you don’t know what is going to happen next. Connect with your local network and stay in close communication with them.

Love your neighbor.

Continue to be virtuous and do the right thing. If you have relationships that need rebuilding, reach out and work it out. If you see someone in need, help them to the best of your ability. Your acts of kindness may seem small, but they have a rippling effect. We are all connected and your deeds transfer through a dynamic and complex matrix that is humanity. Do not forget your actions have real worth. Your voice is heard and is loud and echoing. You can change the world by living for truth and freedom.


The most amazing gift within us all is the ability to create and solve problems. When there is a crisis, there is a great need for people to collaborate and find solutions.

When there is a crisis, there is a great need for people to collaborate and find solutions.

You don’t need to come up with the next big idea, but if you see someone starting a movement toward progress or if you have an opportunity to make a small change, consider it.

Support a small business, get on a new truly free speech social media platform, or boycott businesses that don’t hold to your standard of true American values.

Another idea that’s more for the type who processes change internally would be to start up a journal or take up art in any form. Creating art is a great way to process emotions and feelings you don’t understand or can’t put into words.

Make a move.

Decide for yourself what you are willing to stand for and commit to it. Now is not the time to stand idly by. You don’t have to be an important leader, you only have to become a participant.

You don’t have to be an important leader, you only have to become a participant.

Take what you’ve contemplated during your meditations and prayers and turn them into actions to create a brighter future.

The future of the world depends on it.

Closing Thoughts

We are dynamic complex thinking bodies that only know a small piece of the reality we live in and sometimes crises can cause mental roadblocks.

The things we thought we knew make no sense now and we need a way to process our experience in other ways than words or logic.

Art is the medium of expression for that which can not be verbalized or reasoned. Use it to help you process, reflect, and heal.



Keeshia Morse has spent most of her professional career in the software as a service industry, learning ways to streamline and automate work. She has an affinity for record-keeping and, as a hobby, creatively documents life through journaling. She hopes to encourage the next generation through her publications to choose truth, liberty, and justice for all.

Follow Keeshia on YouTube, where you can find her fawning over special edition pens and notebooks on her YouTube channel.

Keeshia is an author at Truly Free Society.

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