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Five Science Fiction Writers To Inspire You

Space is often referred to as the final frontier, but sci-fi can take us on journeys to inspire the imagination and help us learn about the human desire to explore.


The realm of science fiction takes us from mechanical geniuses inventing life-altering devices to ships that take brave pioneers into space and back again. No genre, outside of fantasy, has touched so many lives on Earth.

Reading about a brave soul journeying through a desolate city, a poor band of victims stuck in a computer, or a captain navigating comets certainly can capture the imagination.

For Christians, sci-fi can certainly seem daunting, even if enjoy such staples as Jules Verne, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, or Philip K. Dick. Perhaps you are looking for an author who might more align with your faith.

Dive Into Science Fiction

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of classic, contemporary, and even young adult writers that can help scratch that science fiction itch.

This is by no means an exhaustive or "best of" listicle, but a starting point to help you find inspiration in science fiction.

CS Johnson

Looking for something that has a touch of romance with your space adventure? Johnson provides some incredible characters journeying into space onboard the space pirate ship Perdition.

Andrew Klavan

Besides wowing us with his thrillers and his Another Kingdom trilogy, Klavan wrote the young adult series Mindwar which follows Rick who enters the cyber program "The Realm" to help protect the world.

Frank Peretti

You might recognize him for his thrillers, but in 2005 Peretti gave the world Monster, which explored how far science could go with genetics. This was followed by the 2012 novel Illusion (shown above), about a widowed magician who meets a young performer whose spirited performance reminds him of his late wife.

Gilbert Morris

The Daystar Voyages is a series of novels for teens and younger audiences that follows a group of space academy rejects who get recruited by the intrepid Captain Mark Edge on his vessel the Daystar.

C.S. Lewis

You might know him as the author of The Screwtape Letters and The Chronicles of Narnia series, but the classic author took everyone into the stars with his Space Trilogy, Out Of The Silent Planet (shown above), Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength.

Closing Thoughts

Space is often referred to as the final frontier, but sci-fi can take us on journeys to inspire the imagination and help us learn about the human desire to explore.

Hopefully, these suggestions will bring you some enjoyment as you read.



Jacob Airey is an author, nerd writer, podcast host, movie reviewer, and pop culture critic. He started his website in 2012 where he covers a vast variety of topics including faith. movies, music, television, anime, books, music, and more!

He wrote his first book Cacophony, a paranormal adventure in 2018, and the fantasy novel The Seven Royals: All Good Things in 2019.

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Jacob is a staff writer at Truly Free Society.

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