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10 Most Important Pieces of Advice I Have To Offer For 2021

Out with old and in with the new! Gaze into the horizon as you explore the peaks of your potential.

Here are the ten more important pieces of advice I have as we dive into this new year of opportunity. Enjoy!

1 - Let the future unfold.

Not knowing the outcome of a situation or having fears of the future can bring a sense of not being in control.

Sometimes letting go and can bring a sense of peace. Just remember, no matter what the result might be, it’s unclear what lies further ahead and something greater might be headed your way.

2 - Learn to look within.

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, but make sure to take responsibility for learning the lessons you need to learn. You can't put that onto anyone else.

Moreover, nobody else has lived your human experience through your eyes. We can be our own greatest teachers and occasionally it takes a little spark of courage to take the first step past the threshold of our own life lessons to get to the other side.

3 - Sometimes doors close for a reason.

Seasons come to an end with situations and people in our lives. I know from personal experience, no matter how many times I knocked on certain doors to let me back in, the universe was winking at me, protecting me, and showing me another path.

As you walk down that new road it becomes brighter and more meaningful. Go with the flow and you might be surprised with the outcome.

4 - There are times to tune out that self-critic.

There are always times to look at your behavior and assess what you can change for the better. Being self-aware and willing to change is a crucial part of the personal growth process.

When it comes to self-improvement, sometimes you need to learn to respond to a situation differently from your originally learned patterns of behavior.

However, this judgment process can be overly done to the point of your own detriment.

There is a line to walk when it comes to judging yourself. Sometimes we try our best and that’s all anyone can ask of an individual.

5 - Try thinking outside of the box.

Our world is shaped by our own reality of how we see things.

The greatest minds and innovators are able to look past that scope and angle and find a new angle that nobody else has perceived. This is where our minds can become rebellious of previous notions and where the world of creation comes into effect.

6 - Try not to take things too personally.

This is a big one for all of us. Our emotions are always moved and swayed by others.

Whether it’s questioning the other person’s intentions to hurt us or make us feel uncomfortable, we can never know the whole story. Sometimes (and most often!) you will find it has nothing to do with you.

We don’t have control of the actions of others but we can control how they make us feel.

7 - Don’t let the fear of public shaming rule your life.

The media consistently showcases public shame as a means to control the masses into not stepping out of line. Who would want to go against the mainstream opinion for fear of being totally publically shamed?

This mechanism of fear is a huge tactic being used by many in modern culture, especially because we are all connected to the online universe.

The fear of the shame mob will make people go silent, scared to stand up, or speak their truth.

It’s important to know that most of these mobs seem big in number but they are not. They are just the loudest, so the perception that the majority of the population agrees with this can be skewed. The more we all stand up and speak without fear the more this shame tactic will seem less intimidating.

8 - Realize the power behind the word no.

We don’t realize the power we have. In an authoritarian society that displays an overreach of government, their power relies on consent.

As a collective the more we stand up and just say no, the more we will know the power we actually hold.

9 - Don’t let your past define you.

The memories of our own history and past experience can shape and mold us. It can create our greatest strengths or highlight our worst flaws.

If you hold onto the past in a negative way, these types of negative programs can become deeply rooted in us.

The beauty is, you can change that at any point in time.

It’s never too late and not always easy but you can start today. Take that leap of faith into furthering your potential.

10 - You are not alone.

Sometimes when you are surrounded by people whose beliefs or ideas don’t align with yours, it can feel very lonely and isolating.

It’s important to build community. We have tools online for such purposes but the need to surround yourself with like-minded people in your own area is essential.

Find your tribe, build, and grow together. A nation is only as strong as the morality of its people.



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