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10 Christian Study Guides To Help Your Faith

In the modern, there are many well-meaning, sincere Christians who go to church and love Jesus Christ with all of their hearts. However, that is the length they go to explore why they believe. They have the what, not the why.

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It is important to expand the horizons of one’s faith so that one can withstand a test, but many Christians do not know where to begin.

Here are 10 Christian study guides to help your faith.

10 - The Case For Christ

Lee Strobel was once an atheist who went on a journey to debunk Christianity after his wife converted. Instead, he would find Christ himself after meeting with many people who showed him the truth of the faith. Along with his own testimony, he shares the very details that led him to God.

9 - Mere Christianity

Based on a series of radio broadcasts, CS Lewis breaks down ethics, virtues, and the views that Christians should hold to walk in their faith. It is considered a classic piece of theology and one that has inspired millions.

8 - Signature in the Cell

Does science interest you? How does it affect your belief? Dr. Stephen Meyer takes you into the origins of life and how something as small as a cell can point you to God. That everything is intelligently designed.

7 - I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Frank Turek and Norman L. Geisler make an examination of Christianity, showing with clarity how atheism requires much more of a person than someone of faith. It explores morality, questions, arguments, and so much more.

6 - Cold-Case Christianity

The death and resurrection of Christ is one of the most debated historical events. Former homicide detective J. Warner Wallace takes a new approach to look into it. Instead of philosophical or historical, he puts his detective skills to work in solving the mystery of Christ.

5 - Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Breaking it down into four-parts, Josh McDowell and his son Sean McDowell explore the arguments of critics of Christianity, answering them with logic and reason. It asks and answers the tough questions, serving as a sounding board for Christians.

4 - What’s So Great About Christianity

Commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza answers a common question, “Is it reasonable to believe in God?” Using his unique style, D’Souza takes it directly to the “new atheist” movement and shines a light on their folly.

3 - The Real Kosher Jesus

Pastor, scholar, and radio host Dr. Michael Brown takes a look at Jesus Christ from a cultural perspective while showing without a doubt that Jesus is the Messiah.

2 - Reasonable Faith

Doctrine. It is a scary word to most Christians. William Lane Craig shows Christianity from those angles but writes these issues with understanding and even shows how you can apply it to how you reach others for Christ.

1 - The Case For The Real Jesus

There are a lot of theories about who Jesus was in a historical context. Was he truly who the Bible said or was it something different? Lee Strobel sets out again to show that the biblical representation of Jesus is the only true version.

Closing Thoughts

The study of your faith does not have to be a scary thing. It can illuminate the Bible in new ways and present a more fulfilling connection to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not be afraid of studying theology, doctrine, or apologetics.

As Jesus said:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
- Matthew 7:7 ESV


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He wrote his first book Cacophony, a paranormal adventure in 2018, and the fantasy novel The Seven Royals: All Good Things in 2019.

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